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UWCSEA boarding offers a genuine pre-university residential experience that is culturally rich and intentionally diverse.  Our boarders are immersed in a community that offers the international exposure and understanding that is central to the UWC experience. 
  • caring environment creates a supportive international family
  • nurturing key life skills such as self-discipline, self-management and leadership
  • meaningful independence in a global city, developing key skills of independence and self-management 
  • opportunity for full immersion in UWCSEA's holistic learning programme
  • students aged 13 years and up (Grade 8 and above)

Our boarders not only gain insights into many different cultures, but also discover a deeper appreciation of what is special about their own.



Discover Our Multicultural Boarding School Experience


A Transformative Educational Experience


UWCSEA's boarding programme prepares young people for university life and beyond, equipping them with the confidence, independence and social skills they need to be successful.

True to the UWC Mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future, life in UWCSEA boarding is enriched by scholars, who make up about 30% of our residential community. These students, from all over the world, would not normally be able to access a UWCSEA education. They are given a place on the basis of both their commitment to the UWC mission and values and their potential as future changemakers. The perspectives they bring are an important factor in bringing the UWC mission to life on our campuses and in our community.



Discover UWCSEA Boarding Life


Why Families Choose Boarding at UWCSEA

Singapore is our campus

Our programme takes advantage of being located in a global hub and our ethos expects students to explore the cultural diversity of both the College and our host country Singapore. Like many schools, UWCSEA concentrates on the development of an individual student’s self-management and emotional resilience. We are fortunate to live in a modern, multicultural city which provides opportunities to test those skills in the ‘outside’ world. 

The self-contained nature of Singapore, with its urbanised development, extensive transport systems and secure environment makes it easy and safe for our boarders to explore the island.

Developing independence and resilience

While our philosophy is to provide students with opportunities to develop self management and independence, each boarder has a scaffolded network of caring adults around them who provide personal support and supervision to ensure each students wellbeing.

Under the watchful eyes of our staff, our boarders are given meaningful opportunities for independence in our globalised, highly urban environment. Through a carefully structured and monitored programme we support students as they develop important self-management and life skills, with the ultimate goal of equipping them to make a smooth transition into the next stage of life. 

Access to exceptionally qualified teachers

Research shows that the biggest single influence on student achievement is teachers. We recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and provide them with professional development that ensures they stay at the forefront of educational practice. Teachers provide the avenues that stretch student thinking, creating a challenging and stimulating environment that helps students to grow their appreciation of and passion for academics.

Our Boarding House Parents and Assistant House Parents are all teachers at the school and provide support and advice for boarders.

Academic results leading to opportunities

UWCSEA students have consistently achieved outstanding IB Diploma results. The Class of 2022 achieved an average IB Diploma score of 38.2 (2021 worldwide average was 33), with 42.9% of the 576 students in the graduating class obtaining 40+ points.

Our two-year university advising programme supports students as they identify best-fit courses and university options, and are admitted to highly selective universities in the USA, the UK and up to 16 other countries each year. On average, 99% of UWCSEA students enrol in university. 

Immersion in our learning programme

Involvement and participation are central to life at UWCSEA. Boarders are expected to contribute to the boarding community by showing individual initiative, and are supported to become fully involved in the extensive programmes of Service and Activities.

The Activity programme is divided into The Arts, Music and Performance; Sports, Health and Wellness for Life; Technology and Design; Language and Culture; Global Affairs and Leadership. Students are given opportunities to explore new interests, develop their strengths and pursue their passions.

A Boarding Enrichment Programme is also offered in the boarding houses, and boarders are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in our extensive, wide ranging programmes.

Establishing a global network

At the core of a successful boarding experience is the quality of relationships between individuals in the community. Bringing together students from around the globe—students with a diversity of outlooks and narratives—builds unique relationships that continue into adulthood.

Our boarding staff come to know students as individuals who have the potential and capacity to develop into mature and responsible adults, those who will go on to shape the world. Students come to know one another as confidantes, inspirations and, of course, friends.

The lasting links our boarders establish with friends across the world are a demonstration of both their life-defining experience while at UWCSEA and their identity as global citizens.


Voices from Our Community

"Boarding has taught me to become mature and independent, how to be comfortable with my peers, how to forge new friendships and build unbreakable ones. It taught me that no matter what, someone is always willing to lend a hand."





"Living in the international and multicultural context at UWCSEA changed my perspective. I’m more open minded and socially aware of the political and cultural context of the world. News and events happening in countries that previously seemed so distant and now extremely close. In a nutshell, I can now say that I am a genuine global citizen."


"I am a Ghanaian—a wonderful place to grow up, peaceful, resourceful and diverse. Growing up, I yearned to do something different. When I arrived in the UWCSEA boarding house, everyone seemed excited about meeting new people and interacting with them. It is such a great honour to be part of this wonderful community.”



Boarding School Admissions FAQs

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about applying to UWCSEA


When should we apply?

Applications open in September ahead of each new academic year.
All applications need to be submitted using our online system, which can be accessed via our website.

All eligible boarding applicants are invited to participate in an online immersion day programme and interview as part of the application process. Applicants are considered for an offer of a place only once they have participated in the immersion day; the earlier you apply the more options for participation in an immersion day are available.

We encourage families to visit Singapore and our campuses before submitting an application.

All boarding applications should be submitted by end January. Applications after March are accepted only if there are places available—please contact Admissions for advice.

What are the English language proficiency requirements?

Applicants in Grades 8, 9 and 10 may be admitted to our English as an Additional Language programme if they demonstrate the required level of English and proficiency in their first language (mother tongue).

Grade 11 applicants may be tested in English and any other language(s) suitable for their Language A (first language) subject choice.

What are the application and testing requirements?

Applicants must have school reports that indicate they can progress well and with confidence in our curriculum, but we do not rank applications according to academic results.

Families apply for a place in UWCSEA boarding, rather than to a specific campus, although we take preferences into account if there is a compelling case for preferring one campus over another, i.e., subject availability. Our assessment and interview process helps us to allocate places for successful applicants at the campus we feel would be most suitable for the individual student.

Grade 8: if full reports are not available or are unclear, or if learning support or EAL support may be needed, interviews and assessments may be required. All boarding applicants are interviewed via an online meeting. 

Grade 9–11: all eligible High School applicants are required to participate in a virtual immersion day, which includes interactive activities, any assessments required and an interview. 

Applicants may have assessments in Mathematics, English (if English is not the applicant’s first language) and, if applicable, alternative Language A (first language or mother tongue) and/or Language B (second language) and may be asked to submit a portfolio of work for some subjects. 

The test results are used as a guide for subject selection; they do not play a role in the process of allocating places to eligible candidates. More information is available on our website.

How does UWCSEA ensure the safety and wellbeing of students?

Our boarders are provided a carefully structured programme which means that they have access to caring adults who are equipped to support them whenever needed. 

Our network of care and supervision in each boarding house includes a team who are assigned to care for a specific group of boarders so that they can form personal relationships and provide support. This includes:

Resident Houseparents: staff, generally teachers, who live with their families as part of the residential community within the boarding houses. One Houseparent is rostered on duty at all times and holds the 24 hour emergency contact number.

Assistant Houseparents: teachers and school staff who are rostered on duty to support students after school (for example during homework, dinner and bedtime routines) and also on weekends.

Day staff: during the school week, our boarding services staff help boarders with personal organisation i.e. finances, air tickets, school trips and visas.

House families: new boarders are assigned to a group of fellow boarders across age-ranges, who together with a houseparent, form a ‘house family’. Houseparents meet with their family on a regular basis, and are responsible for the wellbeing of the boarders in their ‘family’, supported by a team that includes Assistant Houseparents, day staff and other specialists.

Boarding Counsellors: our wellbeing team includes counsellors who provide support for our boarders.

Settling-in and orientation

A boarding orientation programme welcomes new boarders before the ‘day school’ orientation starts and returning boarders re-join the house community. Experienced staff ensure our new boarders are immersed in a schedule of planned activities that include Singapore and campus exploration days, as well as time to get to know each other and the daily routines of the house.

What is the application fee for boarding school?

The application fee is $825, and is for a dual-campus boarding application. 

An enrolment fee of $4,900 will be due upon acceptance of a place, which is payable together with Term 1 fees in advance to secure the place. 

What is the cost of tuition and boarding at UWCSEA?

The school tuition and fees for residential boarders in Grades 8–12 for the 2022/2023 school year are:

Tuition Fees and Development Levy: $47,761 - $49,556

Boarding Fees: $37,801

Amenities Fee: $309

Once a place is accepted, the student is committed to remain a boarder:

  • for one full academic year, in the case of Grade 8–10 students
  • until the completion of Grade 12, in the case of Grade 11 students

Fees are payable one term in advance.

A complete guide to our fees and application process can be found here.

Fees are subject to annual review.

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